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Dear Forex Trader,

If you always seem to enter the market at the wrong time…

… or if you’re sick of trying to figure out your entry and exit points…

Please read on.

I’m going to show you how you can make a consistent income trading Forex in just 18 minutes a week.

There are no complicated rules to follow and you won’t be stuck at a computer all day fiddling with charts, candlesticks or technical indicators.

Instead you’ll have time to spend on doing the things you enjoy.

Meanwhile, in the background, you’ll have a proven, consistently profitable strategy working for you…

… a strategy that would have made you 82.5% profit in the past 6 months and 414% profit since November 2014.

No more ‘trader’s anxiety’ – your entry/exit points and stop-losses are automatically worked out for you

This is plug and play, set and forget.

And best of all it completely removes the curse of ‘trader anxiety’…

You know, that horrible feeling you get when you’re unsure if you’ve placed the right trade and then feel compelled to check it every 5 minutes…

That’s gone.

No more worrying about whether you’ve entered too early or late.

No need to check your screen every few minutes.

No confusing technical indicators to decode.

This completely removes all the emotion from your trading because all the ‘thinking’ is done for you.

You don’t need to do any of the calculations yourself so you won’t be fretting about whether you’ve entered a trade correctly.

Introducing the zero stress, ‘set and forget’ 18-minute trading week

If you can ‘drag and drop’, you can do this.

It really is that simple.

That’s why I call it Plugin Trader, because all you have to do is drag and drop the software onto the chart and it automatically calculates your entry point, profit target and stop-loss for you.

It gives you the EXACT figures you need to enter the trade. You don’t have to worry about market conditions, use trading indicators or even draw lines on a chart, everything is done for you.

Let’s take a look at your typical trading week:

You set up your trades anytime on Monday evening between 10pm and midnight. This takes 10 minutes and the software works out all the calculations for you.

Then it’s just a simple 2 minute check Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and you close your trades Friday. That’s it!

That’s just one of the things that makes this so special. You can work this around a full time job, you can do it in your spare time, in fact you’ll barely know it’s running.

It virtually works on autopilot.

Just think, instead of being hunched over your computer trying to figure out whether you’ve placed the right entry point or exit point…

… or panicking at work that you might have entered the wrong stop-loss, you can get on with other things.

You’ll have more time to spend with the family without having to keep one eye on trades.

You can flop down in front of the TV and enjoy your favourite programme, without fiddling on your smartphone every few seconds to see which way the trade is heading.

That’s because all the hard work is done for you.

And as you’ll see, even though this only takes 18 minutes a week to run, you could have banked an incredible 414% profit in the last 24 months.

“This is perfect if you’re interested in trading but don’t know where to start… or if you’re looking to add an additional income stream to your existing portfolio without committing to more screen time”

Rich FittonMy name’s Rich Fitton.

As you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve read my Trader’s Nest email newsletter (along with over 9,000 other subscribers!), visited my website or have come across my work before.

I’ve been trading for 13 years and since 2011 I’ve enjoyed teaching others how to do the same, using the simple and profitable probability-based methods I use in my own trading.

But let me be clear about something.

If you are the kind of trader who thinks making an 82.5% return on your capital in 6 months (or indeed 414% over 24 months) just isn’t exciting enough, this isn’t for you…

If you enjoy early starts, complicated charts, indicators and the frantic minute-to-minute buzz of day trading, you will be bored stiff…

With Plugin Trader your entire screen time is reduced to just 18 minutes a week

You just log in anytime between 10pm and midnight ‘drag and drop’ the software and that’s it. ALL of the calculations are done for you.

There’s no ambiguity, doubt or worrying about what to do next.

And that’s the beauty of this.

It takes the emotion out of trading.

To make a consistent, long term income from Forex you need to stop focusing on individual wins and losses.

Because if you’re patient and stick to proven methods (which are based on probability not get-rich-quick mumbo jumbo) over the long term, you will make money.

And as you’ll discover Plugin Trader delivers consistent, low-risk gains year after year.

In the past 24 months you would have banked a 414% return following this – in less than 18 minutes a week.

The problem is, most of us have been bullied into expecting crazy, unrealistic, ‘instant’ profits from trading

Forex is sold as a way to make bucketloads of money without having to do any work.

But you know as well as I do that 9 times out of 10 it’s a total con.

The reality is trading can be very confusing, daunting, scary even.

I know, because I’ve been there.

Long lonely nights at my computer in a cold sweat, desperately trying to get out of losing trades but not really knowing what I was doing… thinking that I’ve finally blown it and dreading the look on my wife’s face.

The constant fear of missing out on trades and thinking “am I doing it right?”

The problem is, like many people, I spent years looking in the wrong place. I was approaching trading from completely the wrong angle.

I was too obsessed with becoming a ‘trader’. I thought a carefree lifestyle earning thousands of pounds a week was just around the corner.

I got stuck into trading indicators, obscure charting patterns and basically any sales pitch that would fit through my letter box…

The reality is, to be a successful trader you need to be BORING

That might go against everything you’ve ever heard about trading, but the secret to making money from Forex is to focus on probability, not on get-rich-quick gains.

There’s no mystery to it. It’s actually very simple.

There are only two ways the market can go, up or down.

The market follows a bias (trend) and that’s where we focus our efforts.

If the market is trending up or down, we hop on and piggyback a profit while it continues the trend.

It’s a basic principle and it works.

There are no rollercoaster rides. If you want to make money trading Forex (or any other market) you have to work with real market conditions and take small, incremental gains when they’re on the table.

This simple Forex trading strategy works on probability, not guesswork and has banked 414% profit in the last 24 months

In 2014 I developed a trading technique based on a Pit Trading strategy I picked from the Chicago Futures Exchange.

These days Pit Traders have largely been replaced by computers, but the principles remain the same and these guys used to make a LOT of money.

You see Pit Traders have to act on instinct, on what’s actually happening in the markets – not on what they think might happen.

They didn’t have access to the fancy indicators and trade analysis tools you see today.

As soon as they see the market moving in a certain direction they act and ride the momentum and pull out again before it reverses.

It’s simple yet so effective.

So I set about applying the same principles to the Forex markets.

But instead of moving in and out of trades in minutes, I identified markers that help me to pinpoint whether it’s an upward or downward trend and whether there’s a trade worth placing.

And it worked consistently, year after year. In fact it’s so effective that I’ve successfully traded using this probability method ever since.

“I made it my mission to create something which delivers the same proven consistency – but without the work, stress or anxiety”

I designed my strategy to address some of the key difficulties and anxieties many people have when it comes to trading.

It had to be a simple trading method that doesn’t demand much time (and for the novice trader, experience) and works.

It took years of tweaking and testing until I was completely happy and I’m thrilled to say that to date it’s one of my proudest achievements.

(And you can see what members who used that orginal method have to say in just a moment).

But I knew we could get even better results.

Some of my members just didn’t have the time to make it work for them. Others didn’t want to have to look at charts and figure out the right entry and exit points after a long day at work.

So I went back to the drawing board.

I knew people loved the idea, but they wanted the calculations done for them. They also wanted it to be super easy and quick to set up and manage.

How I turned my ‘boring’, reliable trading strategy into a virtually automated 18 minute a week, set and forget profit generator

I knew there had to be a way to make my strategy so simple that anyone, with any level of trading experience could use it.

And that’s when it hit me…

My trading method is so simple, so mechanical that there’s no room for misinterpretation. If I could create a piece of software to automatically do all the calculations that would eliminate all the ‘work’.

The strategy already worked, I just needed a way to make it more hands-free.

So I hired a developer to create something that ran all the data through my strict selection criteria and then identified the profit target, entry point and stop-loss.

And that’s how Plugin Trader was born.

It’s a simple tool that you can literally drag onto the chart which pops up with the precise entry/exit points and stop-loss you need.

There are no trading indicators, no strategies to learn, no charts to analyze and you can run it in just 18 minutes a week.

Ok Rich, sounds great, but how well does it actually perform?

I’ve been running my Plugin Trader in beta mode for the past 2 years.

I wanted to be sure that there were no glitches in the software and that it ran calculations EXACTLY according to the system before sharing it with my readers.

And in that time you could have made 414% profit.

Not bad for just 18 minutes a week ‘work’.

Here’s the monthly breakdown of those results, using the standard staking and the recommend compounding approach which I show you when you join Plugin Trader:

These results are based on trading just 4 currency pairs.

The beauty of Plugin Trader is that it can be used on virtually ANY currency pair (although I recommend you focus on the 4 pairs until you feel confident using the system).

And remember, all your entry/exit points and stop-losses are calculated for you automatically by the Plugin Trader software.

It’s all very well me showing you past results, but I’m sure you’re keen to see how much you’re going to make

This is so simple to use.

I know Plugin Trader works, but I’m not going to guarantee you’ll make this much or that much like some kind of used car salesmen.

Some trades win, some trades lose, some months will be better than others.

What I can tell you is that in the last 24 months you could have used Plugin Trader to bank a 414% profit.

How much you make depends on what your starting bank is (I recommend a minimum of £1,000, although you can start with just £300).

And I’d like to give you a chance to see for yourself just how profitable this is.

That’s why you can use Plugin Trader for 90 days risk-free starting today.

See it working for yourself and if you’re not 100% convinced for any reason you can return it for a full refund.

The Plugin Trader software does ALL the work for you – but I also show you exactly how and why the strategy works step-by-step

I hate it when traders don’t reveal the secret behind their techniques.

The reason Plugin Trader is so profitable is because it works on pure probability and when you become a member, I’ll show you exactly how and why it works so that you understand the process.

While the software I’ve developed automatically picks out the entry/exit points and stop-loss for you, I know as you become more experienced you might want to use Plugin Trader to inform and enhance your own trading methods.

It’s completely up to you. I’ve made the methodology completely transparent.

You have access to written steps and over my shoulder videos which explain the process in simple, jargon-free terms.

PLUS I’ll even send you alerts for 90 days and hand-hold you through the process

As I said you can use the software to identify exactly which trades to place and which levels to use.

But I feel it’s important that you have that contact with me so you feel completely happy and confident in your trading.

So once you take up your 90 day risk-free trial on Plugin Trader, you’ll have my full support and guidance if you need it.

I’ll send you email updates twice a week during your trial period, so you can check that you’re following the software and strategy correctly.

Trust me, you won’t need it after that – the strategy really is that simple.

And remember you can simply use the software to set your entry/exit point and stop-loss for you.

This is just to provide you with an added layer of reassurance.

What can you expect in these alert emails?

Monday night is ‘action’ night.

That’s when I’ll confirm the week’s price levels and everything you need to enter the trade smoothly.

The following Sunday night I’ll send you a video review of the trades as they happened with my commentary.

And if you have any questions you can always contact me by email and I’ll be happy to help.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to see how it works for yourself and that’s what I’ve done with Plugin Trader.

You can see how I’ve looked at the day’s events and see how it’s done.

And as I said, if there’s anything you’re worried about or unsure about you can simply drop me an email and I’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

So let’s run through once again everything that’s included in your Plugin Trader package…

Start your risk-free trial today and you’ll get access to ALL three.

This includes unlimited, lifetime access to the Plugin Trader software.

It took me nearly 2 years to develop the software and I will charge new members a license fee in the future in order to provide ongoing software updates and support, but if you sign up today you will be exempt.

That’s why if you’re interested I urge you to claim your copy today.

Remember, Plugin Trader takes ALL of the hard work, stress and doubt out of trading. There’s no chart watching or technical indicators. You just drag and drop the plugin onto the chart and it identifies your entry, exit and stop-loss for you.

I’m so confident that you will LOVE using Plugin Trader I insist on giving you a full 90 days to try it completely risk-free

Sign up to Plugin Trader today and you’ll get 3 months (90 days) to try it risk-free.

See how quick and easy it is to run – remember it takes just 18 minutes a week, total – and how much money you can make.

You can demo trade it, live trade it, and completely satisfy yourself that it’s right for you before deciding if you want to stay on.

And because everything you need is provided online, if you do decide that it’s not right for you for whatever reason there’s nothing to send back.

There are thousands of Forex trading systems out there.

Yes, some of them do work but would you really want to risk that much money finding out?

I’m giving you more than enough time to see how you can make consistent profits without the worry of having to claw back your investment before you see any profit!

You won’t need any additional software, books or hyped-up seminars to use Plugin Trader.

Right now you can get your hands on my complete course which includes your Plugin Trader software, the simple online training videos, PLUS 90 days of the weekly trade emails and support via email for just £397.

There are absolutely no extra costs or fees.

Give me 90 days and I’ll show you how to make a consistent tax-free income trading Forex in just 18 minutes a week

See how simple it is to start trading (you can ‘paper trade’ – trade without using real money on a demo account to begin with or trade with minimum stakes).

Remember you get a full 90 days to get a feel for how everything works.

I can’t wait to welcome you onboard. As soon as you’re ready, just click on the green button below to get started.

Happy Trading!



Rich Fitton
Plugin Trader

PS. Take a look at what some of my customers have to say. They’re are using the exact same methodology but you also get my Plugin Trader software which does ALL of the hard work and thinking for you, so that you can do this is just 18 minutes a week!

“So far, 5 trades taken, 5 trades won. Excellent.”

“Your website is excellent, really helpful and informative, have not had the need to contact you regarding anything so far… [this] is the only way that I can even contemplate forex trading so your system is great for me.”

“Overall, a good week netting a total of 294 pips.”

“Congratulations on a great methodology… What a relaxed way to trade!”

“… I’ve made nearly £850 using a trade size of 1.0 on each trade… For the amount of time it takes I’m very pleased. It’s restored my confidence that perhaps, at last after years of searching, I’ve actually found an FX product that works for me!”

“I like that it has set, clear rules – there’s nothing confusing about it nor any decisions left to one’s own judgement.

I also like that it doesn’t require hours of watching charts and then having to act quickly if something happens.

Overall profit for week 4 was £545.20 which I am quite pleased about!”
David Shannon

“… the best written trading manual I have ever seen in my life. I’ve been a part time sports
trader/scalper for 2 years so I’ve seen my fair share of junk, and this is so diametrically opposed to those with the sheer level of detail and care you’ve put into this. I don’t think you’re charging enough! :)”

“… an easy way to place/monitor trades once a day, with the minimum of effort and time taken, and the potential profit levels are excellent for the time taken.”
Ray Clarke

“I really enjoy [this] because it’s a “set & leave” system.  So trades can make decent gains
over several days, with a clear “cut off” time to finish & get out.”
Roger Beale 

“It’s simple straightforward and takes little time to operate, and is proving to be
Allan Thomas

“Takes so little time – a true “set and forget” system, and then just a very few minutes of managing the trades in the evening. Wonderful!”
Hans Du Reitz 

“… it’s the first system that I’ve tried that’s not too complicated and works”
Richard Friend

“… the best system I’ve ever used… I’ve tried lots of systems and yours is the only one to have made substantial pips”
Midge Reynolds

“have found the results to be impressive, almost staggering, when compared to most, if not all, of the rubbish I have seen before… Not only does the… system seem to work but, in my experience, your back-up service, advice and sheer enthusiasm to improve and build on what is already on offer, is second to none. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a system, where after first having grasped the basic principles, that one then is actually handed on a plate, entry points, stop losses and targets, the majority of which are of a winning nature.”
Michael White

“Well I’ve reached the end of my 60 day trial and I’m pleased to say I am happy to retain your system as it actually works”

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